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a financing platform for sport clubs

Project background

Social impact bonds (SIBs) are an innovative financing model that use private funding from

investors to cover the upfront capital required for a sport club (service provider) to set up and deliver a service designed to achieve measurable social outputs and outcomes specified by

outcome payers (usually public funders). 

The aim of this project is to tackle these limitations by using SportFin’s automated social impact monitoring and reporting tools and build an accessible and scalable digital infrastructure for creating and delivering SIBs.

a financing platform for sport clubs

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Our approach

We helped the world’s first impact funding platform for community sport organisations to engage with stakeholders purposely and meaningfully. 

Through the bespoke data collection process and templates we designed, SportFin conducted interviews with stakeholders during the design and consultation phase of the project. Insights collected were implemented directly by SportFin within their platform.  

We then brought together a range of stakeholders from the North East of England to conduct a facilitated trial of the platform. We analysed insights, observations and recommendations from the session to guide SportFin in their next iteration of the platform. 

Impact delivered

Bespoke data collection process - 

Numbers for Sport Fin

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