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the platypus philosophy

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'the belief that innovation blooms, when we embrace our uniqueness'

Interventions for Northumbria University. Amsterdam (Netherlands)March 2023.

The story of the platypus

When British scientists first laid eyes upon the platypus, they feared they had been pranked. With a duck's bill, an otter's body and a beaver's tail, the creature seemed so curious as if to be entirely make-believe!


Nevertheless, boasting more than 200 million years of existence, this patchwork animal is a glorious example of success borne from strangeness; a triumph much greater than the sum of its component parts.

What a glorious metaphor for Design Innovation!

The story of the platypus


The first ever scientific description of the platypus. The Naturalist's Miscellany, George Shaw, 1799. 

We are the platypus

The team at The Blooming Platypus are a patchwork of designers with varied backgrounds, interests and experiences. Similarly, we collaborate with a diverse range of partners, each with different expertise to our own, who supplement our unique skills and help our best versions bloom.

We recognise that we cannot possibly know everything, and embrace the power of uniting collective, creative minds.

We are the platypus


Passionate about making Design Innovation accessible

We are practitioner-researchers by training 

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We breathe fun, colour and creativity

Steered by our conscience

We walk our paths with authenticity

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